Words can't say how pleased I have been with Jodie’s services. You have made riding a pleasure and the time you took with me when I was polishing up my riding skills was so nice, you were very patient with me and I Thank you again for all of your hard work. When you taught my daughter how to ride, I love the way you made her understand and appreciate what a pleasure it is to own a horse and how to appreciate that privilege. I will definitely forward your name if I know of someone needing the same services. You are an amazing person and trainer. Dee Dee Eiland, Blanco, TX

If it’s an equine emergency, perhaps just a puzzling question or maybe I need some training advice and whose name pops into my head first – you guessed it – Jodie Fuchs.  I’ve known her for almost five years now and Jodie is one of the most knowledgeable and talented equestrians that I have ever met. I haven’t found anything that she hasn’t done or didn’t know when it came to horses. Several of my equine friends and I have used Jodie as a trainer and/or for lessons and we are all better for it.  My horses love to see her truck coming up the drive because Jodie is also their personal massage therapist!  Like I said, there’s nothing this girl can’t do!  If you’re looking for help with your equine friend or you need lessons yourself, contact Jodie – you’ll be glad you did!! -Teresa Turner, Lonesome Oaks Ranch, Blanco, Texas

Meeting Jodie for the first time 5 years ago was an incredible blessing. She took me under her wing as one her “kids” and helped me become a more confident rider.  She also worked with my horse and completely transformed her allowing me to compete at a greater level. Jodie Fuchs is a rarity in the industry; first and foremost she puts the safety and welfare of the horses and riders before anything.  Jodie is honest and is genuinely concerned about finding the perfect partnership between horse and rider. I have the utmost respect for Jodie. She is so knowledgeable and has so much experience in the horse industry. I wouldn’t trust my horses with anyone but her! She has such a warm and infectious personality you can’t help but smile and laugh when you’re around her. -Katie Patterson, San Antonio, Texas

I have known Jodie Fuchs of Flying Fox Performance Horses for many years, as a competitor and friend.  Recent circumstances involving a horse wreck left me a quivering mess, unable to effectively ride even months after the event.  It was clear that I needed professional help to regain my former mediocre but enthusiastic riding skills.

There was no question in my mind that Jodie was the person who could help me get back on track.  First, because she actually knew me in the days when I was capable of getting a check or winning a buckle (at least when the faster 8-year-olds didn’t show up), she understood that the problem was in my head.  Secondly, she is as tough as a boot and wasn’t going to accept any of my wimpy excuses.   And finally, Jody is that rare athlete who can not only perform at the highest level of her sport but also can actually analyze the process and teach it to others. 
Lesson day arrived, and (fooling nobody, least of all myself) I casually sauntered over to Elvis, the lesson horse, and …well, I’d like to tell you that I rode boldly and magnificently and solved all my problems that day.  My actual accomplishments were: 1.  Not crying and 2.  Trotting for perhaps 30 feet.   Throughout the ordeal lesson, Jody was able to remind me that my body remembered how to ride, even if my mind didn’t.  Fast forward – I’m still taking lessons, and seeing much improvement.  At some point in the future, competing again seems like a realistic goal. 
I would absolutely recommend Jody Fuchs as an instructor, trainer, and consultant.  In addition to

offering psychiatric help to the equestrian-challenged, she also is terrific with youth riders, can put a

handle on a horse, and just all-around knows her business.   She’s certainly my go-to gal for all my horse issues.  -Sue Lawson, Llano, Texas

Flying Fox has been an awesome training ground for my son.  He has always enjoyed riding but since he has been training with Jodie his passion for riding has been ignited!  I'm amazed what a confident rider he has become while training with her.  She is blessed with a talent of joyfully sharing her knowledge of horses and riding.  You gotta love it as a mom when your kid comes off a horse and tells you "That was Great!". I hear that after EVERY lesson.  Oh, a little known fact about Ms. Jodie, she use to be able to chew her toenails, but can no longer because her legs grew. -Carol Perry, Spring Branch, Texas